Northern Territory Government Creating Opportunities for Resource Exploration


The Northern Territory contains a large number of tin prospects and occurrences, with past production of around 10,000t of tin concentrate. Mineralisation is most commonly associated with quartz veins, particularly in the Pine Creek Orogen, although it is also locally occurs associated with tantalum within pegmatite bodies. Vein related occurrences include Sn-quartz veins (eg. Mount Wells), Sn-quartz-sulfide (eg Jessops) and Sn-quartz-tourmaline (eg Maranboy field). Greisen and alluvial deposits also occur.

Tin- and tantalum-bearing pegmatites in the Bynoe area are located in a north-trending, 10 km-wide belt and have recorded production total recorded production is 533t of cassiterite concentrate and 63t of tantalite concentrate. Elsewhere in the Pine Creek Orogen, tin-tantalum pegmatites were mined in the Shoobridge area prior to 1890. Tin-tantalum pegmatites are also present in the Arunta Region, including the Anningie and Barrow Creek fields.

Last updated: 11 Jan 2019